Learn More about Community Perceptions

As national leaders in survey research, Community Perceptions helps public and private schools, cities and municipalities and state-level organizations gather and analyze data to plan, improve and make strategic decisions.

Community Perceptions is dedicated to giving you data you can use. Features of our fully online surveys include:

  • Allowing you to tell your story One of the biggest benefits of using Community Perceptions is the opportunity to educate your stakeholder groups. Online surveys provide the opportunity for you to educate survey participants using pictures, charts, and diagrams before asking for opinions on various options available. Because we are giving everyone the chance to participate rather than just a select few, this is your chance to get people discussing the facts rather than the rumors regarding a particular situation.
  • Surveying Multiple Stakeholder Groups Due to the advanced design of our survey tool, Community Perceptions has the ability to survey multiple stakeholder groups at once.
  • Dynamic Data We believe that a three-ring binder full of results rarely gives you what you need to improve your community. Instead, we give you online access to your full database in an easy-to-use password-protected format.
  • Quickest turnaround in the business We get results before most traditional firms have assembled their sample. Need to get a survey in the field tomorrow by noon? In most cases, we can do that.
  • Reverse Demographic Capability The Community Perceptions "Who said that?" tool allows you to see a demographic profile of all respondents who give a specific response to any question on the survey.
  • A Valid Set of Data Community Perceptions uses a highly-developed access system to maintain the security of your data. Each survey participant will be assigned a unique 16-digit user-ID number that automatically directs them to the correct survey. This convenient access system allows survey participants to stop the survey even if they are not done yet, and complete the survey at any time. Our access system assures you that no one takes the survey more than once, and that everyone has had the opportunity to provide their input.
  • Secure Results Community Perceptions results are instantly available online at all times. Our built-in analysis tools automatically sort the data and display it in user-friendly formats to help you make decisions. Our segmentation tools allow you to look at the entire data or breakdowns by any demographic questions asked. In addition, our survey will gather comment data in a variety of areas and allow you to view and sort the comments by demographic group and constituency. Our demographic summary assures you that the population sampled is representative of your community.
  • Inclusive Surveying Community Perceptions believes that inclusive surveying is better than random sampling. When a survey company uses random stratified sampling, a very small percentage of each stakeholder group gets surveyed. This leaves nine out of ten people complaining that "they never asked me!"